Tips For Designing Webpages For Printing

If you’re a successful website designer, that’s a pretty sure sign that you’re willing to be flexible and cater to different audiences. Having one niche specialism isn’t usually enough, since the demands of the job will vary hugely. When designing pages for a site, one area you might sometimes have to consider could be designing with printing in mind, if the content you’re creating needs to work in an online format as well as on printed materials.

Making your website suitable for printing doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be physically printed on paper, but it could mean a different document type that requires the same format. For example, people may wish to use services such as GrabzIt, an online tool with an API that easily converts webpages to PDF documents for free. You can actually incorporate tools like this into your website, which will help to ensure your webpage is available to the user as you originally intended in a format that works for them.

However, before you reach that stage you’ll need to design it carefully. Even if you are adaptable and willing to take on new challenges, this might be tricky and require different skills to what you usually rely on. You will need a combination of design skills along with coding knowledge to get this to work. Continue reading